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Kids' Halloween Party and S'mores! Oct. 22-23

Our annual Kids' Halloween Party will be on October 22nd @ 6 PM in Whitesburg Library. There will be food, games and a costume contest! Also, on October 23rd at 7 PM, we will have a campfire and s'mores in the parking lot behind the library!

Harry Potter themed party on Oct. 16th!

This year we will also have a Harry Potter themed party for teens and adults on October 16th at 6 PM! The party will include a sorting ceremony! You will be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses if you want to participate. You can dress up however you'd like for the party.


- 8 -

Story Hour

1:00 PM

Whitesburg Library


- 5 -

West Letcher Oral History

6:00 PM

Blackey Library


- 7 -

Computer Class

1:00 PM

Fleming Neon Library

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