Notes from The Director

Annual Report

Did you know that we count all the people who come into the library?

We also track how many books and DVDs are checked out each year and how many people use our computers.

Every August, we compile statistics about the past year and turn them in to Frankfort we they can compile statistics about all the libraries in Kentucky.

For instance, this past year we spent $78 thousand on new materials: books, movies, audio books and electronic materials.  This brought our total number of items including electronic e and audio book materials to 239,359.

We held 833 programs during FY2018-19 and more than 21 thousand people attended.

I am expecting more awesome things from your library this year!

If you want to read the Annual Report, it is here.

If you want something easier to understand, I will be creating a one page (front and back) that compares this past year with ten years ago.  I will post it here and on Facebook as soon as it is ready.

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