Notes from The Director

Snow days



As the weather gets bad, I want to remind you, of all the resources this library system has, the most important are our people.  All of our people: staff, volunteers and library visitors.  And if you are reading this, that includes you.  Because you are so important, I want to keep you safe.


I will decide to open late, close early and sometimes not open at all.  I might decide to close one branch or all.  This could be due to weather, illness, power outage, or for more personal reasons: Weddings and funerals or many other reasons.


One of the hardest decisions I have to make is whether to open when we have bad weather.  There are days when I want to close the library just so I can stay home in my pajamas and drink coffee… but I don’t do that. We want you to be able to access your library; but we want everyone to stay safe.  When I decide to close the library, there is a good reason.  When possible I will state the reason for closing when posting the closing.


We post closings and delays on WYMT, WXKQ, and Facebook.  If you are unsure whether we are open, please call your branch.  We appreciate everyone who uses the library and want to keep you safe too.  Don’t put yourself in danger to come to the library.


Thank you for your understanding.


Stay Warm,

Alita A. Vogel, Director


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