Our Big Book Sale

Previous Notes from the Director

Our Big Book Sale starts on Monday April 1st.


You might wonder where the books come from and what we do with the money.

Throughout the year we take in book donations.  If it’s someone who has never donated before I explain that we can’t keep everything and that their donation benefits the library even if we don’t add it to our collection.


If we don’t already have the donated book and it’s in good shape, and we think we need it to fill out our collection, we will keep it for the library.  If it’s in good shape and one of the other branches needs it, we send it on to them.  If it’s in okay shape or better but we don’t need it, we put it in the book sale.


We give lots of books to Little Free Libraries.  If we know someone is adding to a free library, we give them a bag of books.  I have taken books to fill the Little Free Library at the front of the Court House.  If we know of someone who is particularly interested in a topic, sometimes, we give them donated books on the topic.


Some donated books go into the bookstore and some go into storage for the book sale.  Usually we start planning the sale when we have more books than will fit into the store.

Where else do the books come from?  The short answer is our shelves.  The long answer is, every now and then we need to make room for new books.  We run system reports to tell us what hasn’t been checked out and we take that out of circulation to make room for new stuff.  Don’t worry, some items will always be kept or if in bad shape, replaced.  Usually, the items we sell are from our fiction sections. But, sometimes we sell biographies or other non-fiction.


All this helps the library and community in some way.  If you remember last year’s book sale, you know we had tons of books for sale.  Many of those had been stored since the Jenkins branch moved into its current location.  We sold over $600 in the Big Book Sale last year for a total of about $1000 from book sales for the year.  That was enough to pay for Madcap Puppets at the Summer Reading Program Kickoff and Summer Reading prizes last year.   When you donate books to or buy books from your library, you are helping to pay for  programs, supplies and prizes.


Every little bit helps, so support your library by buying books.