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Contact: Librarian Legina Adams at 606-634-7548

Monday: Flat Gap / Eolia / oven Fork / Partridge Tuesday: Mayking / Thornton / Milstone / Kona Wednesday: Programing day Thursday: Payne Gap / Dunham / Jenkins / Burdine Friday: Neon / Hemphill / McRoberts / Haymond Monday: Sandlick / Little Colley / Camp Branch / Colson / Dean Tuesday: Isom / Jeremiah / Letcher Wednesday: Programing day Thursday: Blackey / Carcassonne / Red Star / Hallie Friday: Cowan / Kingscreek / Linefork / Gordon


The bookmobile is a library on wheels.

The book shelves are designed to hold the books so they don’t fall when the vehicle is moving.

The bookmobile goes  all over Letcher County stopping at community centers, schools and individual homes.

The bookmobile runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with Wednesdays being reserved for programming and office work.




The bookmobile a free service to all Letcher County residents.



Header Image Credit to Sam Adams