If you have driven down Main Street in the last couple of months, you may have noticed a construction crew working on the front of our building.


If you haven't had the chance to ask any of us about it, but want to know, here's the skinny.  A couple years ago, right after I took over as the Director, we found mold on some books.  Then, it seemed that overnight it was on a lot of books. We went through the collection, cleaning and discarding books.  Any that couldn't be cleaned we replaced, if possible.


We bought dehumidifiers and ran them constantly but the building was still humid.  We hired a local company for a mold eradication treatment.  They spent a week cleaning all the books.  When we talked to a specialist, he basically said we were wasting our time until we had the moisture problem resolved.  He suggested a number of repairs to the building that would help with the humidity issue.


From that specialist up till today, I have gathered estimates and talked to contractors and handymen.  A few months ago, The Library Board hired Bill Richardson as Architect of Record for the library project.  We had a bid opening back in September and Lewis Brother’s Construction started work in October.


I am very grateful to Bill Richardson, Brian Lewis and all their people.  These men made the construction very easy on me.  Here are some of the things that we had fixed to prevent moisture getting into the building:


• Removal and replacement of spalling bricks in the façade

• Sump pump servicing and replacement

• Clean and seal the façade

• Removal of brick planters in front of the building

• Cap or flashing across the top front of the building and along the arch over the door

• Repair/replacement of elements to the awning

• Coating of quick-seal concrete corner of the basement

• Redirecting gutter downspouts

• And backer rod sealant along the back of the building


We’re pretty sure the moisture and mold issue is resolved for now.  This is an old Building; There will always be issues.  If you notice anything of concern, please let me know.


Alita A. Vogel, Director



Before construction started

I jokingly asked if I could do a "ground breaking" with the flower beds.

Flower Beds are gone. They are about to start replacing broken bricks

Flashing along top of facade and over arch, broken bricks removed, flowerbeds are gone.   The only thing left on this job is to seal the brick.