Library Legislative Day 2/14/2019

I don't know if you know this, but your library is a Special Purpose Government Entity (aka. a taxing district).  Occasionally, Kentucky Lawmakers create and pass laws that affect libraries all over the state.  We want to stay on good terms with the people who make the laws, so we go and visit.  We tell them what's going on and bring them handouts about our library and swag (pens and magnets, the same stuff we give you).  We have a nice chat, they get to see friendly faces and everyone has a good day.


This year, the orientation was at the Paul Sawyier Library in Frankfort, KY.

You may have seen some of these photos from us on Facebook.






(L-R) Vicki Hurst, Whitesburg Head Librarian, Dr. Marlene Bielecki, Library Board President, Angie Hatton, and me, Alita Vogel, Library Director.

Check out that wonderful quit behind us.

And here we are with Senator Johnny Ray Turner.

A beautiful window at PSPL.