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Summer Reading

When I was a kid, back in the 1980's, teachers started assigning books to read over the summer.  I always waited until 2-3 weeks before school started back.  I was afraid if I read the books too soon, I wouldn't remember what happened.  I didn't fear I would forget because my schedule was so full of gymnastics and swim team( as some kids' are now).  I was busy playing in the neighborhood and running through the sprinkler and reading books.  Other books, fun stuff like Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew and anything I could get my hands on-other than what I was supposed to be reading.  This was before Summer Reading Programs and what we now know of as the Summer Slump.


Summer Slump is basically a back-sliding that happens when kids sit around watching TV and playing video games all summer.  If they do learning activities like crafts, puzzles, and reading or other activities that keep them mentally engaged, they don't have to play catch-up at the beginning of the school year.


Most libraries in the country know how important keeping kids engaged during the summer is for their futures in school and it's our big shot at getting tons of people to come visit us and see how cool the library is.

Many people my age and older who didn't have Summer Reading Programs as kids, think it's kids sitting around reading.  It's not... that does sound like fun though.  Summer Reading Programs are events for kids (teens and adults, too) usually something fun like Astronaut Training Camp (HMC June 20th at 1pm) that gets a kid into the library and socializing with other kids. The topics are usually fun and they learn stuff even if they aren't reading.  The kicker is, they might find a book that interests them on the way through the building to the program. Same goes for adults too.  You could learn how to make Bath Bombs (Crafternoon HMC June 18 5PM) or just come dance with us at the Fandom Prom (HMC June 29 5PM).