Notes from The Director


What Happened to the Book Store?

If you come to the library to buy from the Book Store, you may have noticed there are no books on the shelves.  The shelves in corner of the library across from the bathrooms now hold books you can "borrow" without a library card.

There was a change to Kentucky state sales tax.  Basically, if we have a continuous book store, we would need to charge you sales tax.  If we have periodic book sales, we won't need to collect tax.

We are planning our next sale already -- it starts September 1st.  Watch for posts on our Facebook and Homepage.

And because we want everyone to be able to find books to read, even if you don't have a card, the shelves across from the bathroom now have books you can take.

You can bring it back when you're done with it, or not.  We don't mind if those books don't come back.  You can bring us a different book if you want.  There are no rules about those books.

If you are certain you are going to feel guilty about taking books, feel free to make a small donation, any amount is welcome but not necessary.


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